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We are an international company developing products on the basis of the Industrial Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence for the industrial sector. Our product(s) offer shop floor monitoring and control solutions, Machine Learning predictive maintenance techniques and decision-making support, among other things. 286
digitalized enterprises
connected machines
acting digital advisors and digital twins

Why partner with Zyfra?

Growth potential
Partner support
Best-in-class product for monitoring with global technical support team
Marketing materials sets
Mutual participation at exhibitions
Functional personal account at Partners area
Bigger profits
Competitive prices and discounts
Free trainings for staff
System customization if required

Our partners

Aexus B.V.
Agaram Infotech
Control Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
R&H Trading Co.
Connerr Solutions Sdn Bhd
Cron-Tek Oy
Samboo System
Agence Smart Industry
Machinery Oy
Mencast Holdings Ltd.
OJB Engineering Co
Rapid Progress Ltd.
Kunshan Hoperr Technology Co
Shanghai Machine Tool Electrical Apparatus Factory
The Fourth Dimension Consulting Group
Wimera Systems Pvt Ltd.
Tianjin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
You can find more information on current Partners here

Step by step

01 Negotiation framework, signing of the NDA, exchange of documents
02 Remote or on-site training session
03 Marketing cooperation, provision of marketing materials, joint activities planning
04 Business plan preparation
05 First sales

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