Zyfra IIoT, AI and the virus outbreak

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With the current #stayathome situation, it’s important to focus on what can be done to minimize or prevent production losses and increase efficiency and output. Let us help you break through the limitations by going digital and joining Industry 4.0 with automation and AI solutions from Zyfra.
In the meantime we’d like to remind our employees, partners and clients to be alert and aware of the situation in their region and follow recommended prevention actions.

How we can help industrial companies

In still active facilities supervisors and managers have real-time monitoring and remote access to data and KEY daily equipment performance reports without the need to be onsite.
Operators can upload NC programs from servers remotely - no additional contact with staff like programmers (who could work remotely). Additionally the system will ensure the usage of the right program for the right task.
Zyfra MDCplus supports a paperless factory, if it’s possible within the existing business process, operators can get shift tasks via our Digital Workplace Applications.
All the necessary reports available on your phone, laptop and other internet capable devices via our automatic report generator (100+ reports options including - OEE, Major Downtime Reasons, Equipment Utilization Rates, Measurement Parameters etc, Part Production)
Energy consumption control will ensure that staff onsite continue to use equipment optimally, with no additional energy consumption.
Notification center - in any emergency relating to crucial equipment stoppages, supervisors and management can receive real-time feedback through our sms center/email or in app.
1 Month’s free remote technical support to our existing clients and end-users.
Training sessions and courses on improving system usage.
Use case: how are our customers using MDCplus during the virus instability?
One of our clients, the machine building enterprise MAGMA LLC, a modern production facility, which produces spare parts and custom build equipment for the metallurgical, mining and coke industries in Europe, was well prepared.
Thanks to Zyfra MDCplus, MAGMA’s management was able to prioritise and redistribute their factory’s workload, which meant that, while some machines were switched off and others were queued up to full capacity, 25% of their floor staff could immediately be released from the workshop floor while 50% of management staff, who could continue monitoring production remotely with MDCplus could also be released.
As a result, Magma continues to deliver with a minimized, but optimized operation.
While facing this challenge and waiting for it to pass, we believe that the task facing factories is that of minimizing costs and increasing efficiency. This can only be done by managing facilities on the basis of objective data; data that can be provided in real-time and in detail by the industrial machine monitoring and production data collection system that is Zyfra MDCplus.

How Zyfra can help industrial companies once the situation has stabilized

Provide IIoT solutions that ensure every working hour of a facility, factory and / or group of factories can be used with maximum efficiency:
Benefits for staff
  • Ubiquity of information increases awareness and assists decision making.
  • Retention of shopfloor-level knowledge.
  • Your skilled staff become truly digital workers – overcoming the ‘digital divide’
Fostering change & creativity
  • Creating a clear picture of what goes on in the operation.
  • Quality is ensured and carefully monitored production parameters for each produced part are recorded to provide the foundation for Technology Intelligence.
  • Increased OEE.
  • Less Maintenance and Tool Costs.
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We understand that cost cutting initiatives will be one of the biggest priorities in 2020, which is why we’d bring the power of AI and predictive analytics into your facilities:
  • Get rid of scrap with our Anomalies Detection Module (which analyzes vibration diagnostics data and alerts you when there are any anomalies in the metalworking process that affects part quality).
  • Ensure the maximum efficiency of costly tool use (tool change prediction / recommendations for the next cycle) via the Tool Life Module.

Improve production efficiency amidst reduced activity with Zyfra solutions - book a demo now

If you’d like to know more about any of our IIoT or AI solutions and how they can be incorporated into your unique enterprise to minimize production losses, cut downtime and increase efficiency with greater control and understanding of every part of your factory, then leave your contact details in the form below. Let us answer all your questions, show how the system works and help you bring your facilities into the digital age.

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