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Computerized Maintenance

The “computerized maintenance” module provides department managers with an efficient and convenient tool that guarantees:

▪ shorter equipment repair times;

▪ prevention of unplanned downtimes and increased equipment life;

▪ reports on the operation of equipment and personnel, use of spare parts, etc.

The module can be used to automate the work of the company’s maintenance and repair departments (hereinafter referred to as “service departments”) and for the following equipment downtime management tasks:

▪ dispatch of non-scheduled (emergency) repairs and service maintenance;

▪ scheduled maintenance;

▪ tracking of service department inventory and resources;

▪ management and tracking of service department operations;

▪ document service department operations;

▪ relationship with external service organizations.

The "computerized maintenance" module includes "dispatching" and "maintenance" functions. The "dispatching" subsystem is used by service departments in their operational activities to ensure organizational and technical readiness of the company’s equipment and to generate performance reports. The "maintenance" subsystem supports planning processes and supervision of repair and maintenance works, technical diagnostics, and predictive and preventive maintenance of the equipment.

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