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Computerized Maintenance

Automated support for maintenance and repair work helps to reduce repair time and increase the durability of production equipment. The Computerized Maintenance module is usually in demand at large enterprises and includes two sub-modules: “Dispatching” and “Maintenance”. The first is used by service departments in their operations to ensure the organizational and technical readiness of equipment and to generate reports. The second one supports planning processes, coordination and control of repair and maintenance work, automated accounting of equipment operating time and provides preventive maintenance of machine tools.

Main functions:

  • Planning, coordination and control of maintenance and repairs
  • Control over the consumption of spare parts and materials
  • Equipment directory
  • Getting detailed fault information
  • Documenting service operations
  • Interaction with external service organizations

Implementation results: an increase in equipment utilization efficiency by up to 10% due to reduced downtime caused by equipment breakdowns, as well as the optimization of company maintenance.

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