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You've taken the first step to getting to know the ins and outs of IIoT in discrete manufacturing. Our extensive experience in working with and developing monitoring and manufacturing data collection (MDC) systems, in conjunction with IIoT, has shown us the value of accurate and timely data and in this webinar we'll be sharing some of that experience with you.

It's about giving you greater control over every aspect of your production process, automation, customized and targeted reporting, which allows you to increase production efficiency; assisting with job planning, quoting accuracy, employee productivity, machine and resource efficiency, to name a few.

Will be in touch via email & looking forward to seeing you during the event. In case you have any questions, please, drop us an email.


Learn more about Zyfra MDCplus

At some point in the manufacturing process, we've all encountered a blind spot on the factory floor and the subsequent production and profit loss that comes with that, right? This is where Zyfra MDCplus steps in to solve such issues.

It comes equipped with over 100 report and graph templates, a report generator, and allows you to review Overall Equipment Effectiveness as well as that of the operator, cycle and setup time per part, number of parts per shift/operator, scrapped parts, and scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, among various other functions.

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