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DNC Communication & NC Program Management

MDCplus offers users convenient and reliable tools for storing and transferring NC programs to CNC machines. Using the optional module, you can create directories for storing NC programs on a server, associate the NC files with certain parts and machines, generate statistics on the use of NC programs and automatically compare the NC file executed on the machine with the original NC file stored on the server. The machine operator gets access to the database of NC programs through the interface of the TVV terminal or through a mobile device and can quickly load the desired NC program into the CNC control via the local network.

Main functions:

  • Fast transfer of NC programs to CNC machines
  • An archive of NC programs with access rights differentiation
  • Monitoring the relevance of NC program files and the history of their changes
  • NC program execution control
  • Comparison of the active NC program in a machine with the original version in the server archive

Implementation result: reduction of downtime associated with the setup, search and transfer of NC programs by up to 20%.

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