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DNC Communication & NC Program Management

The "NC program management" module can be used to maintain NC program storage, to ensure the correct choice of NC program for uploading to NC units, and to monitor NC program usage in production tasks.

In addition to the real-time monitoring module, the MDCplus monitoring system includes additional subsystems (modules or options) designed to meet various user needs within the enterprise. These subsystems include the “NC program management” module, which is used to load numerical control programs (NC programs) for CNC machines and manage the storage of such NC programs. Providing the basic functions of manipulation of the NC programs (creating registration records for specific NS programs, adjusting and deleting such records), the module can be used as a convenient means of addressing issues around the placement and use of NC program files.

Application of the “NC program management” module in combination with the MDCplus monitoring system’s hardware and software creates conditions for effective and error-free operation with a variety of NC programs. The “NC program management” module is supplied in the extended version of MDCplus.

The “NC program management” module addresses the following tasks:

  1. ensures fast and reliable transfer of the required NC program to CNC machines;
  2. organizes NC program updates in the case of adjustments in the setup stage, by transfer from the machine to the server;
  3. NC program transfer control to CNC machines.

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