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Have a feel for Zyfra MDCplus

Try before you buy: navigate around the Zyfra MDCplus system to see what it really looks like and how it works in action, on the virtual factory floor.


101 on the MDCplus monitoring system: our real-time machine monitoring software allows you to examine a machine’s entire production process, both from the client and the server’s side. You can review a machine’s work history as well as worker performance, and report summaries in tables or graphs can be downloaded as a Microsoft Excel file to trace changes in production and thereby improve productivity!

Staff Monitoring

Zyfra MDCplus allows you to simultaneously monitor both a machine and a staff member’s work progress and performance so as to minimize downtime.

Vibration Monitoring

Troubleshoot and evaluate the technical condition of a machine to avoid damage to equipment. Vibration monitoring sends warning signals about potential collisions, so as to prevent them!

CNC Code Management

For the automated control of machining tools, CNC Code Management connects machine operators with services responsible for the development of CNC code programs. Loading, execution and monitoring are just some of the actions it allows for, streamlining the storage and application of CNC programs.

Analytics Settings

Customize the audit period for your company and parameters to be analyzed. Automatically send reports to personnel according to a predefined schedule. These and more are some of the indispensable functions of Analytic Settings.

Fanuc Protocol

Demonstration of connection to the Fanuc CNC system. The future is digitized. From obtaining an IP address to acquiring data collection results, the Fanuc CNC system is your go-to tool.

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