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Monitoring Module

  • Monitor equipment statuses and downtime reasons in real time on a linear chart, in a table, or on a facility floor plan.
  • Monitor equipment operation parameters (current, power consumed, vibration, temperature, spindle speed, circuit delivery, S, F, JOG correctors, spindle and axes load, PLC signals, etc).
  • Control equipment power consumption parameters.
  • Details for each machine (event log, error log, list of measurable parameters for the machine, process information, etc).
  • Video monitoring of production areas, option for video capture of individual events.
  • Set up controlled events and notifications for appropriate company units (Email, SMS).
  • Generate reports for company managers and units, and distribute them automatically according to a set schedule.
  • Display reports on the monitor (TV panel) on the facility floor and on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones).
  • Analyze trends in equipment and staff performance.
  • Calculate key performance indicators (KPIs) of the equipment and staff, including OEE,as per ISO 22400-2 2014. KPIs can be calculated based on user-defined formulas.



  • Data is collected automatically and by manual input. Direct connection to CNC controls (NC units, controllers) is used over specialized protocols (Fanuc, Heidenhain, Sinumerik, Haas, Mazak, Mitsubishi, Syntec, Baltsystem, etc.) and the generic IIOT protocol.
  • Equipment states are generated using formulas and based upon all the parameters obtained from the equipment.

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