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Use case: how Zyfra can help industrial companies during the pandemic?

Use case: how Zyfra can help industrial companies during the pandemic?
Zyfra MDCplus
Finland, Pasilankatu 2, 00240 Helsinki

In these trying times of COVID-19, Zyfra MDCplus has helped, and continues to help, our clients manage this unstable situation, without having to completely shut down factory operations.

Magma LLC was able to prioritise and redistribute orders within their factory based on urgency while taking some machines offline - thus freeing up staff. They were to give a space for 20% of operators and 40% of the back office personal to stay home during plague outbreaks; they could do this because of the real-time monitoring and control Zyfra MDCplus provides. This means that Magma continues to deliver with a minimized, but optimized operation.

With quarantine in effect in many parts of the world and a minimum of ‘social distancing’ recommended to curb the spread of COVID-19, digital solutions that allow factories to operate more autonomously and / or remotely is the answer to Industry continuing production, while complying with health recommendations and requirements. MDCplus is such a solution.

With MDCplus, still active facilities’ supervisors and managers have real-time monitoring and remote access to data and KEY daily equipment performance reports without the need to be onsite; all the necessary reports are available on your phone, laptop and other internet capable devices via our automatic report generator (100+ reports options). Additionally our Notification Center provides (though sms, email or in app notifications) real-time feedback relating to crucial equipment stoppages.

Operators can upload NC programs from servers remotely, meaning no additional contact with other members of staff like programmers (who could work remotely) and they can also get shift tasks via our Digital Workplace Applications. Energy consumption control ensures that onsite staff continue to use equipment optimally, with no additional energy consumption.

Let us help you keep your operation running during these uncertain times. Click the button below and read in more details how Zyfra MDCplus can help you during the pandemic.


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