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Customizing MDCplus features for individual machines

MDCplus has many customizable features for individual machines. This is important because not all machines have same controllers, downtime reasons, work schedules etc.

Autoreport mailing
Autoreport mailing is useful feature because by using it, you can send the reports to the personnel who need it exactly when they need it and as often as they need it.
A-Z video tutorial for the installation, calibration and setup of the MDCplus TVV-10 terminal

We are here with the good news: we have added Zyfra MDCplus Hardware Kit installation tutorial to our YouTube channel. In this video, we show and discuss the components you find in the box; what they are and what they do.

A how-to-guide on adding operational data to MDCplus

By entering relevant data to MDCplus software, businesses can track operational progress, get oversight of their products, parts and technical procedures, and accordingly produce analytical reports to reflect the same.

Utilizing Events in MDCplus
The Events feature in MDCplus allows you to monitor production-related situations and send notifications about them to all concerned personnel.
New Zyfra MDCplus 2.7 Released

September 3, 2019 (Helsinki, Finland) – Zyfra Oy, developer of MDCplus, the world’s leading Manufacturing Data Collection system, announces the release of MDCplus 2.7. It is now available for purchase. Zyfra MDCplus 2.7 increases overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and reduces production costs with its new Mazak, Bystronic and PC-DMIS direct protocols, new Web Client and dashboards, improved interface, Personal Account for service engineers, Technical Diagnostics module, and more.

Connect your manual work places to MDCplus

As we all know, not all work in manufacturing facilities is done by machines. It’s very common for the shop floor to have a couple of CNC-machines and for the rest of the work (i.e. the assembly of parts) to be done manually.

How to use information about power consumption in Zyfra MDCplus

The Power consumption monitoring is used to collect the necessary primary information, carry out statistical reports, accumulate the obtained data and generate analytical and auxiliary reports characterizing the power consumption of enterprise units.

New downtime reason plugin for MDCplus

The new plugin changes how downtime reasons behave in MDCplus helping the machine operators to concentrate better on their work.

Creative use cases of downtime reasons and measured parameters in MDCplus basic-module

Downtime reasons (DTR’s) and measured parameters can be used to figure out many interesting things about your production. Use them in combination with MCDplus Production task management-module and you are well on your way to optimize your production.

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