Customizing MDCplus features for individual machines

Customizing MDCplus features for individual machines

MDCplus has many customizable features for individual machines. This is important because not all machines have same controllers, downtime reasons, work schedules etc.

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MDCplus has many customizable features for individual machines. This is important because not all machines have same controllers, downtime reasons, work schedules etc.

MDCplus is designed to be machine centric software so most things can be done for individual machines. In this article we are going to take a look at the main features that need to be set up correctly to have correct data about machines.

It’s important to note that all the customization is done by changing settings in MDCplus and there is no need for R&D or coding for each customer separately. All features mentioned below are available for all users of MDCplus.

States, downtime reasons and parameters

States, downtime reasons and parameters must be set up for each machine separately. Settings for states and measured parameters are different for different protocols (Fanuc, Siemens etc.). You can also use formulas to create states and the formulas can be different for each machine.

Image 1: States

Image 2: Downtime reasons

Image 3: Measured parameters

Work schedule

Weekly work schedule as well as holidays and exceptions can be set up separately for each machine. In the screen shot you can see the company structure and all machines. The machines and units of the company that have blue colored names, have work schedule that differs from the company’s standard work schedule. You can make a separate schedule for company unit or machine by choosing the unit or machine from the company tree and changing the schedule.

Image 4: Work schedule

Production monitoring and KPI settings

In production monitoring settings you can choose different options on how production related actions are recorded in MDCplus, for example, what are the rules for operator’s registration to machines and part counter settings.

Image 5: Production monitoring settings

In KPI settings you can change the formulas for counting KPI’s like OEE and also add or remove KPI’s if necessary.

Image 6: KPI settings

Technological operation

Depending on what software modules you have in your license, you have to make more settings for machines, for example, if you have Production monitoring module you can set up technological operations and they need to be divided for the machines that can execute the said technological operation.

Image 7: Distribution by machines

NC-program distribution

NC-programs can be distributed to individual machines and also linked to technological operations that are distributed by machines. Shift tasks are also distributed to relevant machines and NC-programs can be linked to shift tasks. To use these features, you need the NC-program management module.

Image 8: NC-program linked to technological operation

Reports, logs, measured parameters, events

Also, all reports, logs, measured parameters, events etc. can be focused on individual machine or machine groups.

Image 9: OEE report for individual machine

Machines can be grouped in different categories that you can choose yourself. For example, you can group old machines with only hardware connection to one group and newer machines with combined connection (hardware+direct ethernet connection) to another group. This allows you to get separate reports easily about the machines that are old and new. Other types of machine groups can be for example milling machines and turning machines, if you want to get separate reports from different types of machines. Each machine can be in many groups so there are no limitations on how you can group your machines.

Image 10: Machine groups

Image 11: Report on equipment utilization for turning machines

Image 12: Report on equipment performance for milling machines

Workers and roles

MDCplus has list of workers and among other settings, workers can have roles on machines. Worker needs to have a role on the machine, if they want to choose downtime reasons or technological operations for the machine.

Image 13: Roles on machines

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