Utilizing Events in MDCplus

Utilizing Events in MDCplus
The Events feature in MDCplus allows you to monitor production-related situations and send notifications about them to all concerned personnel.
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The Events feature in MDCplus allows you to monitor production-related situations and send notifications about them to all concerned personnel.



A monitored event is associated with a situation generated by MDCplus’ monitoring system. They are characterized by the following two conditions holding true at the same time:

  1. One or more predefined states or causes for downtime found in the States, downtime reasons, parameters directory  occur on a machine 
  2. The duration of the issue(s) exceeds a predetermined value 

An example of the second condition is when a machine stays in the "Downtime" state for over 60 minutes. 


MDCplus constantly monitors all predetermined situations related to critical production processes and automatically notifies all concerned personnel whenever predefined issues occur.

Event Types

MDCplus covers five different types of monitored events based on different machine states.


  1. States/downtime control monitors the occurrence of unwanted machine states or specific types of downtime.
  2. Late attendance control analyzes the time it takes for the machine to enter a predetermined state at the start of each shift.
  3. Operator registration control takes note of which worker is logged on at the start of a machine state cycle.
  4. Part registration control keeps track of process operation identification events.
  5. Long state reset and downtime reasons control notifies all relevant personnel of the completion of any emergency repairs done to a machine. 


The main purpose of monitored events is to deliver information on critical production-related issues to concerned personnel in a timely manner.


The system is designed to send out notifications based on predetermined parameters such as the kind of event, the role of the concerned personnel, and the type of notification required.


It is possible to specify more than one notification for each monitored event. This is crucial for situations where the information needs to be altered and sent out at different times based on the issue and the role of the recipient.

For example, you can set the system to send one notification to the responsible operator if a machine is down for over one hour and another to the foreman if the issue is still not resolved after two hours.


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