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One of the new MDCplus release key features will be an added web-version of a collective monitoring panel.

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One of the new MDCplus release key features will be an added web-version of a collective monitoring panel.

Web-CMP software functionality:

  • Operates on any device with installed web browser.

  • Non-automated workplaces integration into the Dispatcher system: hand soldering, assembly etc.

  • One operator can use several machine tools by scheduling his tasks using data displayed on the monitoring panel.

  • Display of documentation related to machine tool tasks performance: drawings, diagrams, specifications.


A personal computer (PC), a tablet computer (tablet) or a kiosk can be used as hardware.


Web-CMP is primarily intended for machine tool operators. One device with Web-CMP is assigned to a group of machine tools and their operators. A workshop can use several devices for several machine tools groups. All such devices are connected to the local workshop (enterprise) network using wired or wireless communication in order to exchange information with Server MDCplus software.

The main purpose of Web-CMP is enabling performance of the following actions by the operator:

  1. Operator registration with the machine tool.

  2. Task selection for the shift.

  3. Registration of the process operation that is being performed.

  4. Uploading CNC code in СNC machine tool.

  5. Registration of machine tool downtime reasons.

  6. Shift task performance report entry (quantity of manufactured and defective parts).

  7. Registration of equipment maintenance works.

  8. Display of shift task progress. (Actual, Plan).


User authorization can be performed using a bar code. A bar code scanner and pre-printed bar codes for users are employed for this purpose. This method of authorization enables automatic registration without using the Register button.

Selection of downtime reasons and shift task can also be performed using the bar code scanner or via the application interface.


MDCplus clients receive an opportunity to use WEB CMP in the next update, whereas for partners this product is already available.

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