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Production Control

Often an enterprise needs software to synchronize, coordinate, analyze and optimize production output. MES systems (Manufacturing Execution System), which are designed to do these tasks, usually offer an excessively wide functionality and their implementation takes a lot of time and resources. Considering the needs of our customers in an easy-to-use and inexpensive module for planning and controlling production at the shop floor level, we developed Production Control. Now MDCplus is more than just ‘equipment monitoring’.

The optional Production Control module provides planning and control over the execution of work at the level of route sheets and job schedules; it contains a part cutting log, allows you to track the execution of technological operations, adjust and approve KPI by the quantity and quality of manufactured parts and identify deviations from planned indicators. The module easily adapts to the specifics of various industries and, if desired, can be integrated with an MES or ERP system.

Main functions:

  • Creating route sheets and job schedules
  • Module data is used to calculate OEE
  • Control of technological operations
  • Identification of scrap parts
  • Creating progress reports for the production process

Implementation result: Optimization of technological processes, determination of actual production capacity, a reduction in production costs and an increase in overall production efficiency by up to 5%.

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