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Production Control

The MDCplus monitoring system’s “production monitoring” module is used for recording and processing various data on the production use of machines. To use Production monitoring module in MDCplus directories characterizing products, the parts and technological operations performed on the parts must be filled out. In addition, production plans must be regularly input (shift tasks or workflow charts).

MDCplus’s software and hardware tools record parts manufactured by machine operators (for example, using monitoring devices such as the TVV-10 console, the TR-06 recorder console with the PM-03 monitoring panel, collective or mobile monitoring panels — CMP and MMP) and continuously record machine states and operating parameters with time reference. These two channels for collecting information on progress of the production plan for manufacturing parts and on the duration of various equipment states enable further analysis of the quantitative and qualitative results of production activities. This analysis helps to identify deficiencies in the organization of the work and to boost production efficiency. The CMP also offers the opportunity to keep records of defective products with classification by reason for downtime, while also gathering and analyzing statistics on the characteristics of the technological operations.


Optimization refers to organizational and technical measures aimed at reducing machine time and production downtimes, in particular handling, preparatory and final time. The reduction is enabled by MDCPlus monitoring of states and downtime reasons corresponding to specified time intervals. The results of this control for each technological operation provide a basis for taking appropriate management decisions, examples of which are given in the table below.

Technological process  optimization

State/downtime reason

Managment decisions

Machine time reduction

Work by program

NS program optimization
High-performance tool
High-performance equipment

Production downtime decrease:


Performing operations in the process of testing previous NS program

Handling time

Part replacement
Tool preparation or replacement
Part measuring


Machine-setup time

Work task reception
Work mastering

Reception of order, drawing, description of technological process on a workplace by local network


Machine setting
Instruments Placing
Tools Placing

Use of Renishaw measuring systems for tool and detail binding
Tool preparation on presetting unit
Use of special equipment


Part measurement and handover

CMM usage



This integrated indicator (OEE, Overall Equipment Effectiveness) characterizes the efficiency of equipment use and time lost due to equipment downtime, loss of equipment speed and loss of product quality. OEE is calculated as the product of three factors:

OEE=A * P * Q, where

A = availability

P = equipment performance

Q = quality of works on equipment

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