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Real-time Machine Monitoring

MDCplus provides real-time monitoring of production equipment, anytime and anywhere. The system supports connection to CNC machines, legacy machines, industrial robots and production lines. You can evaluate the state of your machines on dashboards, a timeline, or on an interactive shop floor layout using a traditional Windows application or a modern Web client.

The monitoring of most modern CNC machines is simple - just connect the network cable to the appropriate port on the machine controls and configure it to transmit data. To connect to any other piece of equipment, you can use a wide range of Zyfra MDCplus hardware products as well as third-party products.

Data from each machine is transmitted (24/7) and stored on a server. Many tools are available to MDСplus users to get an objective view of production efficiency and its bottlenecks. You can choose from more than 100 predefined reports (OEE, KPI, reasons for downtime, machined parts, alarms, defects, etc.), including tabular data and diagrams, or use the report generator, which generates analytics in accordance to selected criteria.

Main functions:

  • Monitoring the load, state and operating modes of equipment
  • Identification and classification of downtime reasons
  • Assisting operators in the performance of production tasks
  • Notifying specialists and production departments regarding accidents and unplanned downtime
  • Compiling analytical reports on the operation of equipment and production efficiency

Implementation result: an increase of equipment usage efficiency by up to 15% due to the prompt notification of specialists and production departments regarding machine downtime and their motivation to solve the problem as soon as possible, thus reducing unplanned downtime and due to the transparency of the process, increasing the overall production culture.

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