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Real-time Machine Monitoring

The MDCplus monitoring system is used to monitor different models and types of production equipment. This is why there are different approaches to data acquisition, as well as different options for connecting equipment to the monitoring system. Data can either be acquired automatically or input manually. A variety of data monitoring sources are supported: standard equipment control systems (for example, NS program optimization) and devices for production environment (for example, machine consoles or collective monitoring panels).


Hardware Connection

The hardware is connected using monitoring devices that can be optionally installed on the equipment. Monitoring devices use discrete and analog signals to characterize the equipment’s operation: the signals are recorded and the data sent to the system’s server computer. The monitoring devices receive the following signal types:

▪ signals sent by the equipment via optically isolated discrete and analog communication channels (machine control logic, electric actuators) and via standard machine tool interfaces (RS-232, RS-485, etc.);

▪ signals sent by optionally installed sensors for measuring current loading, power, temperature, vibration and other parameters.

To monitor digital and analog signals indicating power consumption, the data adapters are connected to TVVs. The monitoring panel is connected to recorder consoles for manual data input by operators.


Direct Connection

Equipment operating data are acquired directly from the equipment control system (from the NC unit in the case of a CNC machine). The connection to the control system is normally made via LAN or using other interfaces, such as RS-232. Special libraries for equipment control system developers as well as standard OPC server, MTConnect (and other) interfaces are used to make the connection. To connect your equipment, the relevant option must be available.


Manual Data Input

This method is used for entering data that cannot be acquired from the equipment automatically. The following devices are used for manual input:

▪ Machine consoles (TVVs) or special monitoring panels. Data can be input via supplementary devices connected to the console, such as a bar code scanner or RFID tag scanner;

▪ Standard form factor personal computers or similar for which collective monitoring panel (CMP) software has been developed;

▪ Mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) for which mobile monitoring panel (MMP) software has been developed.

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