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Vibration Monitoring & Diagnostics

Zyfra MDCplus offers a unique functionality for its class of systems designed for vibration monitoring. The optional Vibration Monitoring & Diagnostics module allows for the use of special sensors and devices installed on the CNC machine to measure the parameters characterizing the technical condition of the mechanical components of the CNC machine, compare the obtained values with the acceptable values and notify the user if the vibration parameter values exceed the set thresholds.

Main functions:

  • Diagnostics of the mechanical parts of the CNC machine for the early detection of defects
  • Ensuring maintenance planning and repair work
  • Control of machine operating modes
  • Ability to turn off the CNC machine in emergency conditions
  • Ability to prevent collision of moving machine parts

Implementation result: an increase in the efficiency of equipment usage by up to 8% due to a decrease in downtime associated with breakdowns of mechanical components.

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