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Video Monitoring

An important component in ensuring overall safety, maintaining equipment and controlling the work of personnel of any modern plant is a video surveillance system. It allows you to track the sources of problems and protect the business, providing the ability to control the actions of the warehouse and industrial premises personnel, reducing the likelihood of erroneous, dishonest or malicious actions. Given the specifics of working on CNC machines and the situations that arise around them, we have developed an inexpensive and easily scalable video monitoring application. The Video Monitoring module allows you to use IP cameras in real time to monitor what is happening on the shop floor or to receive video for a selected time interval.

Main functions:

  • Real-time video surveillance of your shop floor
  • Receive video from the archive for the selected time interval

Implementation results: an increase in the efficiency of equipment usage by up to 5% by increasing the culture of production and reducing the search time for causes of problems with machines.

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